From the Buyers’ Lens: Top Things You Need To Know

I’m Valerie Osinski and I serve as the Chief Executive Officer of RevTech360. I’ve been in technology for my entire career, including serving in CIO and CTO roles for organizations in various industries. Being in the buyer’s seat and making large technology purchases on behalf of an organization is a huge responsibility. We often hear that a technology purchase can be a “slow process”, but I assure you, the process is necessary. I’ve put together the top three things you need to know about a CIO/CTO buying process before they sign the contract. Here is the first thing you need to know.

1. Many factors are considered before making a large technology purchase (and money isn’t on the short list)

There are many things that need to be taken into consideration before making a large technology purchase and first on the list is not the obvious one. Immediately throwing money at a problem won’t solve the root issue.

Organizations needing to improve their business value will ask their leaders to drive the company forward in creative ways. In a CIO/CTO role, that usually means analyzing the backlog of work and finding solutions that automate by using technology and tools rather than manual entry or point to point integrations. When I was in the CIO/CTO buyer’s seat I would first group my backlog into buckets, such as integrations, feature enhancement/new development, security, and infrastructure. By grouping the backlog, I could identify priorities and emerging themes. Most importantly, I made sure any existing technology or tool couldn’t first be repurposed before considering a new thing.

Stay tuned as we share more from our list in the coming weeks!

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