MuleSoft Consulting

RevTech360 is here to jumpstart (or restart!) your MuleSoft delivery and foster reuse through API-led connectivity and integration architecture. Our technical resources are fully credentialed and enabled MuleSoft Architects and Developers, all located in North America.


As a MuleSoft Partner, we are thoroughly engrained and aligned with MuleSoft best practices, as well as the MuleSoft Catalyst launch methodology. We understand the common framework and assets required to scale a MuleSoft implementation with quality.

We know integration isn’t always easy and we like to tackle problems, especially the tough ones. We have an enterprise grade mindset and our project is just as important to us as it is to you. Some have even called us Superheroes! Learn more about our work with the Indiana Department of Child Services. We’ve got more great examples of our MuleSoft work below.

We ensure a readily available, experienced, and skilled technical team with our RevUp MuleSoft enablement program. Our RevUp program ensures all graduates earn their Certified MuleSoft Developer – Level 1 certification.

Make Business Processes Easier with Automation Jumpstart

Have you heard about MuleSoft’s new RPA platform, but not sure how to get started? We have a five-week engagement called Automation Jumpstart that uses a lightweight, rapid approach to deliver outcomes using MuleSoft’s Automation suite of products. 

A great example of using Automation Jumpstart is automating an invoicing process. Today, you may receive purchase orders through email, then manually enter customer information and create an invoice from QuickBooks. With Automation Jumpstart, we can build the automatic process where purchase orders are identified, customer information is entered, and invoices are created in QuickBooks. This entire process is done automatically with no need for manual work or data entry. Contact us to learn more.  

Deploy MuleSoft in Six Weeks With RevTech Jumpstart

RevTech Jumpstart, exclusively for organizations investing in the MuleSoft platform, is the perfect way to ensure you achieve the quickest time to value with your new MuleSoft implementation. During this six week engagement, our team will configure the Anypoint platform as well as design, develop and deploy a single integration of 3-5 APIs. Click here to learn more.

Ensure the Greatest Value from MuleSoft with RevTech Reveal

RevTech360 has added a service offering called RevTech Reveal, exclusively for organizations utilizing MuleSoft. RevTech Reveal is the perfect offering to ensure your MuleSoft use and architecture are fully optimized. This six week engagement begins with a deep dive into your current environment and will provide opportunities for further realized value, areas for improvement and a roadmap for the future. Click here to learn more. 

Upgrade to Mule 4

MuleSoft 3.9 is nearing End Of Life (EOL) and it is recommended to upgrade to version 4.3 or greater as soon as possible. Upgrading is time consuming and can be difficult without the right tools and knowledge. RevTech360 is here to help! We provide a service package to get your MuleSoft integrations upgraded and back under standard support. The engagement starts with a deep dive into your Mule 3 applications and how they’re being used. Then, we deliver a proposed action plan based on our findings including a timeline for the development phase where we build everything out on the new upgraded environment. 

Solving Business Problems with MuleSoft

Retail Solutions

A company that provides comprehensive solutions for home needs (repairs, renovations, products, and services) needed a way to manage lead generation from social media. Their existing process was manual, including typing in new inquiries and managing cases. We used MuleSoft to automate the process directly into their CRM and set up a way to identify and handle duplicate leads.

The foundation of our work was built using API-led connectivity which gave the customer the flexibility to add additional lead generation channels easily and quickly, and their application network is set up for repeatability and reusability.

Our very satisfied customer now has:

  • Digital, dynamic lead generation
  • Automatic identification of duplicate entries with duplicates creating a case in their CRM
  • Reduced errors from manual entry of data
  • Optimal MuleSoft practice and use
Manufacturing Solutions

A manufacturing company needed an automated, data-driven solution to set pricing. They wanted to leverage machine learning, historical information, and data analytics to inform their business decisions. We used the power of MuleSoft to build an advanced architecture and integrate data flows with third party systems.

We ensure a high-quality delivery, the first time, and are proud to say the customer reported zero defects. We stayed on budget, within the timeline, and are continuing work with the customer to further use MuleSoft to solve their business problems.

High Tech

A high tech company experienced rapid growth through mergers and acquisitions, and needed to align their various structures and systems into one application network.

RevTech360 delivered:

  • Advanced architecture using API-led connectivity
  • Robust application network that allowed new systems to be added quickly and painlessly
  • Guidance and direction for internal development team

As a result, the company now has a successful architecture using API-led connectivity and a fully enabled internal dev team. We worked alongside the customer and deployed their network within weeks.