Serving Our Nonprofits During COVID-19

Non-profits serve the most vulnerable in our communities, often on a shoestring budget and with limited resources. The emergence of COVID-19 and the resulting response have combined to create an unprecedented landscape for agencies to serve their intended population.  Revelant Technologies’ non-profit customers have been able to respond quickly to new demands and new challenges to their mission. 

While staff are being asked to work remotely, having previously built and integrated systems online and in the cloud has allowed a frictionless transition for agencies and their clients. Information is available anytime and from any place, ensuring the needs of clients are met in the same manner even though circumstances have changed drastically.  This has provided our non-profit customers confidence in their ability to intake and communicate continuously with their clients, providing much-needed comfort in this time of insecurity.

How has the pandemic surfaced areas in your mission where improvement is needed to ensure uninterrupted service to those your agency serves?  We’d love to have a conversation with you!

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