Welcome to the Revelant blog!

Hello and welcome to Revelant!

My name is Bob Braun and I am the President of Revelant Technologies.  Revelant is a name I made up in 2003 and stands for “Revealing Relevant Business Technologies“!  We measure our success by the business value we help deliver for our clients.   We believe information technology should be harnessed and delivered as an important business tool.  We focus on the CRM industry and we have a great team who knows how to listen to your Sales and Service business needs and offer well thought out IT solutions to solve them.

Although we are excellent technologists, we don’t get too wound up over which technology is being used to deliver business value.  Of course we have our favorite technologies!  Currently we are heavily focused on delivering Salesforce.com Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Force.com applications.  Salesforce is getting better and better and keeping us on our toes as we learn new features delivered in each release!

I hope you come back and visit our blog periodically as my team and I jot down our current thoughts and ideas and share our experiences with you.


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