Why Our Collective Experience Sets Us Apart

I’m Derek Neff and I serve as the Vice President of Alliances at RevTech360. I have worked in the Salesforce ecosystem for a decade, spending six of those years directly at Salesforce. I was part of a team that built and managed the Salesforce Partner Program with the top five agency holding companies in the world. I watched the advertising and media landscape change and as a result, these agencies were acquiring SIs, specifically in the Salesforce ecosystem. This was a growth strategy to drive revenue through a technology service line.

During this time, many agencies experienced the challenge of integrating strategic acquisitions into the agency business. I recognized the need in the market for a true integration strategy – to drive data led transformation across Marketing, Commerce, CRM, and Service.

Today, I lead the Alliances Go To Market strategy for the company. We are a Salesforce exclusive partner, led by MuleSoft. We are at the forefront of helping our customers modernize their business through API-led data transformation with MuleSoft. I’m excited to combine my knowledge of the Salesforce GTM motions with RevTech360’s incredible expertise to solve complex data challenges.

Let’s get connected right away, either through LinkedIn or directly in email. We can chat more about the tough business problems you’re ready to solve.


Derek Neff
Vice President of Alliances

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