Why Our Decades of Experience Is Different

We’ve all heard it before. A brand or company says they have “decades of experience”, but what does that really mean at RevTech360 and why are we different?

I’m Brady Flaherty, Chief Growth Officer at RevTech360. My professional technology career began over 30 years ago. It started in data – Cobol, Fortran, PCs and Mainframes. In the last decade, it has been on the experience side, specifically with Salesforce in the main revenue pillars of SFDC – Sales and Service. I joined RevTech360 in January and recently spent some time reflecting on how much the technology landscape has changed and what the future holds.

At RevTech360, we made a strategic business decision to deliver the highest quality integrations using only MuleSoft and Salesforce. We have two decades of experience helping clients and partners integrate, orchestrate, and activate data. This 20-year-old company is really leaning in to address enterprise, legacy, unstructured and non-addressed data, integration experience, and domain expertise. This means that we understand legacy like SAP, Oracle, JDE, custom code, and so many other forms of data/schemas. Our mission is to understand, integrate, and orchestrate data only using MuleSoft and Salesforce solutions to drive value.

In recent months, we attended and engaged with industry signature events including MuleSoft CONNECT, MuleSoft Public Sector Summit, and Salesforce Connections in Chicago. We are having great success in sharing not only the RevTech360 story, but also the MuleSoft and Salesforce story, and intentionally partnering for these events. In fact, our local CONNECT event was one of the best attended partner events last month.

Meaningful, high-quality integrations are the future, and this is just the beginning as we really address the data world. I couldn’t be more excited to continue working with clients and partners and doing the heavy lifting to enable success through data methodologies leveraging Salesforce and MuleSoft.

Brady Flaherty
Chief Growth Officer
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