Revelant Technologies Celebrates 19 Years!

Today we celebrate 19 years as Revelant Technologies!!! Congratulations to our founders – Bob Braun, Doug Dicks, and Jeff Byrnes. So much has changed since 2003, but their vision for the company along with their unmatched technical ability and customer service puts us in the position where we are today, which is on the path for exponential growth. 

While the full list of highlights from Revelant is much, much longer, we gathered the “Top 19 Highlights in Revelant History”.  

  1. Established in 2003 
  2. First customer – Anthem in Louisville, open-source consulting 
  3. Other early customers include National Government Services (NGS), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Yourencore, and Frontenac 
  4. Started working with the State of Indiana in 2004 
  5. In 19 years, we have supported 19 open enrollments for 1-800-Medicare 
  6. Siebel/Oracle partnership 
  7. First Salesforce project in 2012 
  8. Seeing the business become official Salesforce and MuleSoft partners (then watching MuleSoft get bought by Salesforce!) 
  9. Served the missions of many non-profits through our Salesforce consulting 
  10. Expanding customer reach outside of Indiana 
  11. Inoca investment in 2021 
  12. Revelant retirees! 
  13. 19 years with no loans, no layoffs, no business disruptions 
  14. Survived the pandemic, adapted, and began to thrive in the new virtual work model 
  15. Moving from a room full of servers to the cloud 
  16. The new additions who have joined us on this journey 
  17. Seeing the team grow and evolve 
  18. Seeing and sharing in the happiness of so many employees’ life events 
  19. The culture that has developed from working with so many talented, thoughtful, intelligent, collaborative, and dedicated people 

Happy Birthday, Revelant! Here’s to many more years!

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