RevTech Extend

RevTech Extend

Here at RevTech360, we see ourselves as an extension of your IT team and a long-term solutions provider. Since technology rapidly changes, systems require upgrades, or your business needs may change, you can ensure you have the resources you need with RevTech Extend.

You might find you need ongoing support or have post-implementation general support needs. With RevTech Extend, you’ll have readily available, fully trained resources. 

Our Extend team brings value to your business by:

  • Reviewing workflows
  • Reviewing/Updating dashboards and reports
  • Managing upgrades and enhancements to an existing org or environment
  • Reviewing high-level platform performance
  • Analyzing current metrics
  • Ensuring you are set up for scale and longevity

RevTech Extend Plus

RevTech Extend Plus offers fully credentialed and readily available resources for your organization’s needs, with the option of technical training for your internal staff. Our goal is to ensure your staff has the knowledge and skills to maintain the system and troubleshoot as needed.


Ask us about our options in MuleSoft and Salesforce.