RevTech360’s Path to Automation

RevTech360’s very own MuleSoft Architect and Senior Consultant, Hardy Spry, shares his experience working directly with MuleSoft to develop the RPA certification exam. Read more about our interview with Hardy to learn about Automation and how he became a subject matter expert. Q: What is Hyperautomation? Hardy: Hyperautomation is automating as much as possible throughout […]

From the Buyers’ Lens: Top Things You Need To Know

I’m Valerie Osinski and I serve as the Chief Executive Officer of RevTech360. I’ve been in technology for my entire career, including serving in CIO and CTO roles for organizations in various industries. Being in the buyer’s seat and making large technology purchases on behalf of an organization is a huge responsibility. We often hear […]

Why Our Collective Experience Sets Us Apart

I’m Derek Neff and I serve as the Vice President of Alliances at RevTech360. I have worked in the Salesforce ecosystem for a decade, spending six of those years directly at Salesforce. I was part of a team that built and managed the Salesforce Partner Program with the top five agency holding companies in the world. […]

Why Our Decades of Experience Is Different

We’ve all heard it before. A brand or company says they have “decades of experience”, but what does that really mean at RevTech360 and why are we different? I’m Brady Flaherty, Chief Growth Officer at RevTech360. My professional technology career began over 30 years ago. It started in data – Cobol, Fortran, PCs and Mainframes. […]

Revelant Technologies Changes Name to RevTech360

Revelant Technologies has changed its name to RevTech360, which demonstrates clear alignment to their partners – Salesforce, MuleSoft, and Carahsoft – and highlights their strengths, high-quality delivery, and trajectory for growth. RevTech360 delivers industry leading digital transformation solutions, exclusively using MuleSoft and Salesforce.    Founded in 2003, the Indianapolis-based company was built on CRM and […]